Legal Nurse Consulting             

A registered nurse-owned medical-legal advisory service   

Why Use A Legal Nurse Consultant?

  • Are you overwhelmed with medical issues in your case?
  • Are there any pre-existing conditions that can become a bombshell in your case?
  • Is there medical research that can help or hurt your case?
  • Does your case have merit?
  • Do you need a medical expert?

Legal Nurse Consulting Services can help you answer these and other questions. We provide cost-effective case review, case analysis, and medical literature research in the areas of medical malpractice, products liability, personal injury and worker's compensation. We provide the medical expertise you need to develop your strongest possible case.

Legal Nurse Consulting Services can determine damages issues in potential new cases, can help put together medical time lines for use at deposition or at mediation, and, to the attorney who knows more law than medicine, provide a constant source of education and insight.

Some other questions to consider:

  • Did your client receive the recalled medical device, and did she suffer from the target injuries that prompted the recall?
  • Did the nursing and medical staff attending to your client while hospitalized conform to accepted standards of care?

These and a myriad of additional questions can eat up endless attorney time. Leveraging the knowledge base of a Legal Nurse Consultant saves that time and results in better organization and preparation.

What we provide . . .

  •  Screen your medically related cases for strengths and weaknesses.
  • Summarize medical information in a manner that can help you understand the issues.
  • Research medical literature to ensure the appropriate research is used in your case.
  • When necessary, identify appropriate medical experts to support your case.
  •  Analyze medical issues in your case to determine the most appropriate strategy.